17 januari 2024    

Online course Business Vlogging 

Vlogging, the art of telling your own visual story, is currently a significant trend.

Over the past few years, we have conducted training sessions for employees of Dutch embassies and international clients in English worldwide using Zoom.

Now, some former participants have asked us to offer this training to you again, for new employees or as a refresher course. 

Dates: 17 & 31 January

Time: GMT Paris time

European/African/Asian participants:  10 – 13 o’clock

American participants:  15 – 18 o’clock


These are some of our videoresults from our international participants. They are still using smartphonevideo’s to bring their country closer. Visuals literally bring your work to life on the other side of the world. So we would be really happy to see you (again) in our online course in January.

You can register below and add your continent in the comment.

The course will take place with a minimum of 6 participants.


Er kunnen geen reserveringen meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement.